About the organiser


Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE)

It is an all-Russian organization promoting interests of business communities both in Russia and internationally. Today, the RUIE consists of more than a hundred industry and regional associations representing key sectors of the economy: the fuel and energy sector, mechanical engineering, investment banking, as well as the military-industrial complex, construction, chemical production, light and food industries, and services.

The RUIE unites thousands of the largest Russian companies -representatives of industrial, scientific, financial and commercial organizations in all regions of Russia.

The RUIE consolidates the efforts of Russian industrialists and entrepreneurs aimed at improving the business environment, raising the status of Russian business in Russia and all over the world, and maintaining a balance of interests of the society, government and business.

The RUIE is continuously working: the conferences are held at a high state level on the current economic issues with participation of the representatives of the Russian and foreign business communities and heads of the federal authorities. Such forums result in the decisions which are made at the state level in the field of entrepreneurship and business
in Russia.


Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is a Russian federal agency of executive authority, which carries out functions involving the formulation of the state policy and statutory regulation in the field of industrial and defense industrial sector, as well as in the field of development of the aviation technology, technical regulation and ensuring the uniformity of measurements, as well as the functions of the authorized executive federal agency performing state regulation of the foreign trade activities.


Saint Petersburg Government

The Saint Petersburg Government develops and implements measures to ensure comprehensive socio-economic development of Saint Petersburg, participates in the implementation of a unified state policy in the field of finance, science, education, health care, culture, physical culture and sport, social security and ecology. Within the scope of its powers, the Government carries out measures, aimed at implementing, securing and protecting human and civil rights and freedoms, protecting property and public order, countering terrorism and extremism, combating crime, and develops the draft budget of Saint Petersburg, draft programs for social and economic development of Saint Petersburg, and other draft laws of Saint Petersburg for submission by the Saint Petersburg Governor to the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg.

The Saint Petersburg Government interacts with local government bodies in Saint Petersburg in the manner and forms established by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal legislation, the Charter of Saint Petersburg and the laws of Saint Petersburg.